10 video games that made you figure out the answer yourself

It can be extremely satisfying to get to the end of a story and finally get all the answers neatly laid out for you. Ambiguity is sometimes overestimated, but a lack of clarity can also reinforce the lasting legacy of a story.

Releasing a compelling mystery and then letting the players figure out the answer for themselves is an easy way to ensure that a game stays alive in the ever-changing pop culture conversation.

And so these 10 games, each of them hugely popular and hugely successful, let the players do the mental legwork and make sense of it all themselves.

While some understandably may feel frustrated at the lack of concrete, binding answers to these questions and even accuse the developers of outright laziness, the riddle has in many cases created such a lively discussion and agitated investigation that no single answer could live up to it. to it.

Whatever your own opinion of each mystery may be, and no matter what fantasy theory you end up subscribing to, these games found endless intrigue in what players apparently can never know with 100% certainty …

The question: Who started the great war?

In the world of Fallout games, the Great War was a nuclear holocaust in which all nuclear-equipped nations – namely the United States, China and Russia – launched their weapons and sent the world into a permanent radioactive, post-apocalyptic state.

The Games have never categorically confirmed in any way which nation started the Great War, because even though US President Richardson tells the player that China launched first, he can not be considered a distant reliable source on the subject given his position.

China is certainly a highly likely candidate, as is Russia, while Fallout 4 spawned the theory that an AI, PAM (Predictive Analytic Machine), may have gone full throttle with Skynet and enticed America to launch first.

In the end, “who” is not to important considering that the Great War really just generated a canvas on which the series’ stories could unfold, but given humanity’s natural desire for dissolution, fans will discuss which nation cursed humanity into a bleak future forever more.