$ 1,000 discount on Galaxy S22 Ultra Plus More

Samsung has decided that instead of slowly reducing the amount of awesomeness in their offerings on the Galaxy S22 line, as we move further from their launch date, they will continue to increase and adjust the fun. From today, Samsung will now cut up to $ 1,000 off the Galaxy S22 Ultra if you are replacing a Galaxy S21 Ultra. This is the best exchange value yet.

Samsung has added the $ 1,000 price tag if you give them your Galaxy S21 Ultra, but they also accept the Galaxy Z Fold 3 as a trade for the first time. They will also give you $ 1,000 for it, though I’m not sure why you want to drop your $ 1,800 foldable already. Hi, do what you want.

In addition to the new $ 1,000 exchange, Samsung is giving away $ 100 credits to spend on accessories under the box. If you were looking at a Galaxy Watch 4 or a pair of Galaxy Buds 2, you have $ 100 to apply for them.

I’m not sure this is the best Galaxy S22 Ultra deal to date, but it’s pretty close. The original pre-order deal was up to $ 900 in trade discounts, plus $ 200 in credits and double storage space. Still, I’m amused by the various ways Samsung continues to find to get you to buy their latest phones without having to pay much out of pocket.

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