11 Samsung Galaxy S22 tips and tricks to enhance your experience

You just got a brand new Samsung Galaxy S22 – congratulations! You may already think it’s one of the best Android phones you can buy, but you’ve probably even scratched the surface of its capabilities.

Not only does the Samsung Galaxy S22 offer incredible screen and rugged performance, but it also offers an incredible software ecosystem and plenty of customization options.

Discover how to get the most out of your shiny new phone by learning about these smart S22 tips and tricks.

One of the new features in the Galaxy S22 models is the addition of Smart Widgets. These widgets can be stacked and fully customized so you can have your favorite apps in one place on your phone.

To add a smart widget:

  1. Long press on your home screen and select Widgets.

  2. choose Smart widgets from the screen and select one of the options.

2. Create some Bixty routines

Routines are not new to the Galaxy S22 devices. But if you have not tried them before, it is now.

How to find Bixby routines:

  1. open SmartThings app.

  2. Press Automations the icon at the bottom of the screen.

Samsung routines can be activated automatically to make your life easier. For example, your model may be looking for a place or time of day and following a set of actions.

The going out routine is good to start with. If you are no longer at your home location, you can set your SmartThings devices to turn off or turn down low.

Customize the accent color of your Galaxy S22

Customize your S22 by changing the color of the home screen to your liking. For example, blue or turquoise are two options.

You can also apply this color palette to some of the device icons. To do this:

  1. Long press on the home screen, and select Wallpaper and style.

  2. Then press The color palette and select the color you want.

  3. Change the contact to Apply the palette to app icons when done.

4. Rearrange the Quick Settings panel

As it sounds, the Quick Settings icons give you quick access to commonly used features. If you tend to spend a significant amount of time ironing on the Quick Settings panel, it’s a good idea to customize it to your preferences.

To do this:

  1. open Quick settings menu and select the Plus icon.

  2. Long press on the icon you want to transfer to the first row and drag it across.

  3. Continue this for the icons you want to move.

5. Select your edge panels

The Edge panels are not a new feature for the S22 – it has been around since the Galaxy S6 Edge. But the latest version of Edge Panels is much improved from the earlier days.

The feature no longer bleeds into a waterfall display, so you do not have to worry about distortion. Despite this, many users tend to neglect the Edge panel.

We suggest you try the Edge panel. Using the feature, you can navigate to some of your most popular apps without even opening the app raffle.

Other Edge panel features include a customizable list of contacts that act a bit like a speed dial. Or try Smart select so you can take screenshots or create GIFs.

6. Keep track of your device with Offline Finding

After you just sprayed out on your new Samsung Galaxy S22, the last thing you want to do is lose it. Samsung had for a while a SmartThings app that could help you locate lost phones while connected.

But if your phone had been disconnected from the network, you were unlucky.

Now there is a new way to find your lost phone. It works in the same way as a Bluetooth tracker.

Samsung’s Offline Finding feature uses other Samsung phones nearby to register your phone as a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag would. And if you’re concerned about privacy risks, Samsung also offers an encrypt offline location feature.

This feature hides the location of your phone when it is sent to another device so only you can unlock it again.

7. Screen spam and scam calls

Built into the S22 is a spam and scam call and sms screening tool – and it works very well.

The tool has a large database of recognized spam and scam numbers that are updated daily. If one of these numbers calls you, your phone will either block it automatically or inform you that it is a suspected spam call while it is ringing.

Although a spam number can slip through now and then, most are screened.

To turn on the setting:

  1. Go to Settingsscroll down and select Apps.

  2. Press select Standard apps.

  3. Scroll down and press the call ID and spam.

  4. choose telephone.

8. Keep the screen on

It can be annoying when the screen turns off when reading e-books or long texts.

Activate Keep the screen on… Function to ensure that you no longer have to deal with this. This feature ensures that your screen stays on when you look at it.

The front camera can detect your face and keep the screen on when you look at it. But beware: your battery may be damaged in the long run.

Find the feature below Advanced settings -> Movements and gestures.

9. Match your theme to your wallpaper

Inside the S22 you will find a feature called Material You. This feature extracts the colors from your phone’s wallpaper and applies them across the device to e.g. app icon wallpapers, sliders, and button wallpapers to match your color scheme.

You can also play with these shades in your wallpaper settings.

10. Customize your searches

If you’ve already tried searching for an app on your S22, you may have noticed that the Finder provides you with matching documents and images.

If you are not comfortable with your phone displaying everything when browsing, you can customize the Finder settings.

  1. Go to the app drawer.

  2. Press menu with three dots in the upper right corner to open Settings.

11. Invest in a cause

It may seem obvious, but it’s always best to invest in protection for any new device before you get stuck customizing your software.

There are plenty of Galaxy S22 cases available so you can protect your new phone. If you pre-ordered your phone, you may have already received some Samsung store credit. If so, then why not use your credit to grab a case designed by Samsung itself? We also have roundups of the best Galaxy S22 + covers and Galaxy S22 Ultra covers.

But if you do not want to shell out one of Samsung’s expensive cases, do not worry. There are plenty of third-party options sold online and in stores.

Now that you’ve become an expert on everything about the Galaxy S22, spend a few minutes learning how to edit your photos in Samsung Gallery.

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