14 of the best puzzles on Android in 2022

Puzzle is a beloved genre on Android thanks to their available games that are suitable for touch screens. There is no shortage of engaging titles in the Play Store, which is exactly why we have taken the time to compile our favorites. Today’s roundup features a hand-picked list of a selection of puzzles, from chill titles to brain-benders, all in an attempt to meet everyone’s needs regardless of their interests.

Like all APs roundups, this is a list that will be constantly updated with new games, and if there is anything you would like to see added, you can sound off in the comments to share your favorite Android puzzles.

Baba is you

Baba Is You takes a traditional Sokoban puzzle and turns it upside down using cryptic words. You unlock specific abilities / areas by pushing certain words together, which is ultimately how you solve each puzzle. Keep in mind that these solutions are not easy as this is an incredibly challenging game but the solution is the reward and it feels great when you finally get past a puzzle that has hit you in the past.

Baba Is You may be a short game that has 7 hours to hit, but it’s definitely one of the best puzzles on the platform, and therefore it’s a great title to start with for today’s puzzle.

Golf Peaks

Golf Peaks is styled like a miniature golf game, but it’s actually a puzzle (which is why it’s on today’s list). There are over 120 levels to explore, spread across ten worlds. Cards are used for movement as you decipher which cards get your ball into the hole, making it a logical puzzle you will have to spend time thinking about, but this is where the fun must be found, illustrating why this game is so appealing. It is well designed and offers lots of fun. What not to like?


Sliding tile puzzles may have a reputation for being simple, but Gorogoa is anything but. Of course, you will slip some tiles around as it is part of the core gameplay, but thanks to some striking art and abstract puzzle solutions, this is a game that goes far beyond moving a few tiles. Imagine if Salvador Dali created a video game and you approach the abstract game in this release. Although the game only lasts 2 hours, it is a damn ride that should not be missed.

Cessabit: a stress relief game

Cessabit is described as a stress relief game and that brand is appropriate. It will be your job to inspect each hand-drawn image in the title and then answer questions about the image to the best of your ability. You can tap objects in each step to reveal a few hints if you have questions, and of course the beautiful line art makes this game a sight to behold, so if you like relaxing memory games, Cessabit is a ticking release all suitable boxes.


PUSH is a fun minimal puzzle game where your only goal is to press a lot of different buttons in the correct order. The good thing about this setup is that there are no timers and no tutorials. For heck, there are not even any boss fights; this is a game that is solely focused on gameplay and gameplay alone. Basically, what you see, what you get, and what you get is a competent puzzle game that offers a stress-free experience.

Hidden through time

Hidden Through Time is an amazing hidden object game featuring wonderful art, cute animations and entertaining gameplay. For the most part, you will spend your time deciphering clues to find all the hidden objects in each level, and each phase is pleasantly animated, making it easy to look at the screen for hours as you hunt down every last hidden object. If you like titles like Hidden Folks, but are looking for a splash of color to brighten up the experience, then you’ll come to love Hidden Through Time.

G30 – A memory maze

G30 – A Memory Maze is a minimal puzzle game that offers a unique story about a person suffering from a cognitive disorder. It will be your task to put together their memory by solving two-part puzzles with scattered text and random images. You will spend most of your time rotating these images to form larger images. The secondary puzzle element comes into play as you cycle these images through words that appear at the top of the screen. These words ultimately tell a story, but you must first solve each puzzle before you can put the whole story together.

Hidden people

Hidden Folks is a stylish hidden object game that is a pleasure to watch and play. All art is hand-drawn and consists of black and white pen and ink designs. Players are tasked with finding a specific person hidden in each drawing, just like a Where’s Waldo book. This is easier said than done as you will have to pick back and move objects in each environment to hunt down these hidden people. So unlike many of the hidden objects in the Play Store, Hidden Folks offers a highly interactive experience that has a lot to do with the wonderfully engaging art style.


Hocus is an indie puzzle game that exudes minimal style. It will be your job to navigate a cube through a series of optical illusions. There are 120 handmade levels to explore, and if you get tired of these levels, you can jump into the optional level builder to design your own. The great thing about this system is that you can even split these homemade courses through a code or a map, which means you can also jump into levels created by other players if you wish.


Blue is a popular release in the color-themed puzzle series by Bart Bonte. The object of the game is to change the color in all fifty stages of the title to blue. If you get stuck, tips are available even though ads are playing, unless you pay to remove them through an in-app purchase. Trial and error is the key to victory, especially if you plan to complete all 50 levels.


Shadowmatic took its sweet, sweet time getting to Android, but the game is so beautiful that we can forgive the late arrival. The setup of the game is extremely simple. All you have to do is rotate and tilt one or more of the game’s 3D objects to form a shadow that shows the puzzle’s desired shape. Of course, things get more complex when multiple objects are in play. The beautiful 3D graphics create a relaxed atmosphere perfect for short or long game sessions, even if you need some powerful hardware to run this title.

I also love Hue

I Love Hue Too is a psychedelic puzzle where harmony, geometry, perception, skill and magic intersect to create a captivating puzzle. Puzzles are solved by mixing tiles to create harmony with the specified colors. There are over 900 puzzles to be solved in this release and there are also several game modes that should keep players busy for a long time. Oh, and the game features six different ambient numbers that help set the mood of this trippy puzzle.


Zenge is a beautiful title explicitly designed to offer a relaxing experience, but you also get a wonderful story of time and space paired with enjoyable puzzle-based gameplay. You do not have to worry about timers, a score or anything like that as you are free to solve each puzzle on your own time without the game constantly tracking your achievements, making this a perfect title to play whenever you want . relax.


Mekorama draws inspiration from similar isometric puzzle platforms, such as Monument Valley, but it’s an easy thing to forgive when the games you emulate are solid to begin with. Like the titles that inspired this release, you can expect tons of humor and personality, and the developer has implemented a user-friendly way to pay what you want for the full game unlock, which is a nice touch.

And that’s it. This is the end of the AP’s puzzle collection, folks. I hope everyone was able to find some great puzzles on today’s list, but if there are games you would like to see added to the list that fit the theme of this roundup, feel free to share them in the comments below. that everyone can join in the fun.


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