24 hours after the release, a Switch Sports player has already smashed their TV | VGC

24 hours after the release of Nintendo Switch Sports, a player has already been caught as he accidentally smashes their television.

Streamer 63man aired his online tennis session last Saturday when he accidentally threw a Joy-Con controller at his television and smashed the screen.

“If you do not send [that clip] that livestream fails, I actually differ from this chat, ”the streamer said during the stream, referring to the popular Reddit channel that documents streamer accidents.

You can watch the clip below:

Switch Sports is the sequel to Nintendo’s hugely popular Wii Sports series, which with over 80 million copies remains the company’s best-selling game ever.

Wii Sports was notorious for its many recorded incidents with players accidentally slinging their Wii remotes during games, sometimes damaging their televisions.

The number of incidents became widespread enough to be reported by mainstream businesses like the BBC, and Nintendo offered to replace all controller straps with thicker versions to help prevent accidents during games.

Nintendo Switch Sports Review Underway | VGC

Two years after its launch, Nintendo then introduced a Wii Remote jacket accessory, which it said was intended to “provide cushioning for the Wii Remote to people who may accidentally throw or drop their Wii Remote while playing games.”

Both the original Wii Sports games and its new Switch version include start-up warning messages that encourage players to be aware of their surroundings and use Joy-Con straps to avoid accidents.

On Thursday, Nintendo’s official support account encouraged parents to monitor their children when they play Switch Sports so they do not hit each other or their televisions.

In response to an ABC News report in 2008, Nintendo of America said: “The Wii remote is completely safe when used as instructed: use a firm grip, do not release, use the wrist strap and make sure the gaming area has ample open space.

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“Like when you start any new physical activity, it’s best to set the pace within yourself and not overdo it. Some games, including Wii Sports, include in-game reminders so players can take a break every now and then.”

VGC’s Switch Sports review, which is ongoing, said of the game’s offline part (online was not available at the time of review): “At this stage, Switch Sports feels like an unambitious rehab of a 16-year-old game with very little in the way of options. All eyes are now on the online modes as they go up, to see if they breathe new life into it. “