5 best drug and pill reminder apps for Android

Medications are important for staying healthy and it is even more important to take them on time. This is something we all strive to do but may end up forgetting, especially those with not-so-simple schedules. This is where medication and pill reminder apps come into the picture. These apps make it much easier and more convenient to remember which pill to take and when.

Some of these apps go beyond pill reminders and help you track various aspects of your health. In this article, we will talk about the 5 best drug and pill reminder apps for Android that you can try.

Medisafe Pill & With Reminder

The Medisafe Pill & Med Reminder app allows you to add medication details and receive reminders accordingly. There is support for creating multiple user profiles, which can be useful for setting reminders for children and the elderly. An interesting feature of the app is called Medfriend. It lets users sync their profile with someone else’s. It then alerts the user if you happen to miss your medication. It further allows for reminders of refilling and processing medical appointments.

It has support for complex dosing schedules, which can be difficult to remember on your own. A user can use it to share daily, weekly and monthly logs with the doctor. It is able to track health measurements for various conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, anxiety, HIV, depression and leukemia.

MyTherapy Pill Reminder

MyTherapy claims to be the only destination for your needs for medication registration, mood tracking and health record. It supports a wide range of pills and schedules for easier tracking. There is a logbook for data on the leap and taken medication.

Users can add trusted contacts who will receive an alert when a medicine is missing. The health record can be used to track how your mood was, what medications you were taking, doses, measurements, and activities for each day. This journal can be shared with doctors and also in printed form. It also provides personal tips for one’s treatment.

Lady Pill reminder

Lady Pill Reminder is an app dedicated to birth control pills. The way it works is pretty straightforward where the user has to enter the type of birth control pill she is taking. This includes mentioning the number of pills in the package and the time you usually take them.

It will then start sending alerts when it’s time to take the next pill. It also shows the status of the current pill package. It automatically disables notifications on days when you do not need to take birth control pills. Similarly, it will alert you when it’s time to buy a new package.

Mango health

Mango Health is an app that gives you incentives to track your medications as well as to follow them regularly. It supports scheduling and setting reminders for pills, blood pressure and glucose measurements, drinking water and other healthy habits.

The app alerts users to possible side effects and potentially dangerous drug interactions for each drug added. It gives users points for taking their medication correctly, which can then be redeemed for various rewards. And yes, it also has reminder of pill refill.


CareClinic is another app that goes beyond simple medication reminders. It offers support for tracking symptoms, moods, habits and pain. It makes it much more convenient to track various aspects of your body, including nutrition, physical activity, daily vital functions, sleep, bowel movements, blood pressure and sugar levels.

It lets users set reminder appointments and immunization reminders for follow-up shots. It has a comprehensive database of medicines and supplements that will help you find what you are looking for. Its built-in health diary gives you an overview of what you did or did not do on a particular day.