A Kind Soul has compiled a list of VRR-compatible monitors and TVs for the PS5

If you are in the market for one PS5 VRR compatible screen or a TV it’s not one of Sony’s expensive models, so you’ll be happy to note that Reddit user RTCanada has started compiling a master list of TVs and monitors to choose from. With the help of the community, the list is already pages long and not only tells us which models are VRR compatible, but also tells us how some of the TVs and monitors are doing and whether they are up to the mark or not. In fact, there’s also a handy dandy list of monitors that are simply not VRR compatible, just in case you need to make sure you’re getting the right one. Just click on the list below.

List of PS5 VRR compatible TVs and monitors

Note that this list only consists of VRR-compatible models, and that these monitors may not all come with 120 Hz support. As previously noted by Insomniac Games, it has rolled out VRR patches for all its PS5 games, but if you want to fully enjoy what these patches have to offer, you need a monitor that supports 120 Hz.

Going forward, you can expect VRR support in all PlayStation first-party games. Sony has already announced VRR patches for several first-party and third-party games, but there were some notable omissions from the list, including Returnal and Horizon Forbidden West. However, the company has said that its list is not final, so keep an eye out for more VRR patches. We update our readers when we hear from more studios.

In other news, it appears that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 (or whatever the sequel will now be called) is also skipping PS4 and Xbox One as the Gotham Knights, and rumors say that Sony is interested in Warner Bros. development studies and IPs.