After two years, Ghost Of Tsushima has received its final patch

Jin Sakai plays the flute at sunset in Ghost of Tsushima on PS4.

Screenshot: Sony

No art will ever be “finished,” but there comes a point where it must exist on its own merits, unbound by its creators. That time has come The ghost of Tsushimawhich has now received what appears to be its last significant update after its release.

First released in July 2020, The ghost of Tsushima is a samurai game in the open world about watching sunsets and flowers and walking, “Ooooooo beautiful“Even though it was originally launched on PlayStation 4, it looked – and felt – like a next-generation game, with such fast loading speeds the study had to slow them down. When the PlayStation 5 was released a few months later, many games across generations received free PS4-to-PS5 upgrades. The ghost of Tsushima was not among them; it received a paid upgrade to the PS5 in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut, released last summer. (Director’s Cut also introduced a solid, if not remarkable expansion.)

But Ghost‘s without a doubt the most significant update came in the form of Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, a separate, collaborative multiplayer mode that rolled out for free and out of nowhere for all players in the main game. Sucker Punch made Legends available piecemeal (not free) last summer and it anchored one of the more amazing monthly PS Plus series in recent memory.

With the numbers, the latest patch, 2.18, is quite small and mostly addresses minor issues in it Legends mode, things to do with adjusting element functions and balancing abilities. The patch also adds a “PS4 Save Import” feature to standalone versions of Legends. For campaign-focused players, it fixes some dialogue and movies, and does so so a new-game plus merchant will sell more silk. Annnd scene.

“While we are not actively working on any additional patches at this time, we will continue to monitor feedback on the community-driven Gotlegends subreddit and messages sent to @SuckerPunchProd on Twitter for any high-priority bugs or issues that arise,” the study wrote.

Sucker Punch did not say what it is working on next time. Representatives of Sony did not immediately respond to a request for comment.