All 165 Elden Ring executives turned on in under 10 hours

One Elden Ring player has become the undisputed Elden Lord by beating all bosses in under 10 hours of play.

The Fire Ring is one of the most notoriously difficult games in recent history. As such, there are always players out there who are proud to make the title look ridiculously easy.

Although quite a few players still struggle with people like Malenia, a speedrunner has gone above and beyond killing all of Elden Ring’s mandatory boss fights.

margit the fall omen boss

From Software

Instead, they have tracked down and slaughtered all 165 possible bosses in FromSoftware’s latest release – at least until the Elden Ring DLC ​​falls.

Recently, we saw the Elden Ring legend ‘Let Me Solo Here’ make a boss fight look easy. But for LilAggy, the whole game seems like a cakewalk.

The Fire Ring Speedrunner beats all boss fights in less than 10 hours

In their latest speedrun, an Elden Ring streamer named LilAggy has defeated all 165 Elden Ring boss fights in under 10 hours.

From the Tree Sentinel, to the invisible snail, to the Elden Beast itself, LilAggy is an expert at beating all Elden Ring bosses fast.

The streamer recently managed to crush all of Elden Ring’s 165 bosses in a single under 10 hour session. With 9 hours, 47 minutes and 14.87 seconds, this beats the times of most Elden Ring players by at least 70 hours or more.

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Elden Ring-General Radhan

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However, the timer in LilAggy’s run only ticks up while you’re in the game, which means that leaving the main menu or waiting in loading screens does not count towards the total. As such, the full stream clocked in at nearly 11 and a half hours.

The streamer was also the first player to complete the Elden Ring in less than an hour, a record that has since been broken.

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Elden Ring Best Speedruns

Although the Any% Elden Ring speed race is now down to less than 7 minutes, LilAggy’s run was much more intense this time, as she had to seek out and destroy all of the game’s toughest matches.

For most of them, the streamer used Elden Ring’s most powerful magic to wipe out their HP in another flat, making the run much easier.

Incredible, LilAggy claiming they could well give the race another try tomorrow, hoping to break their own record! Meanwhile, a speedrunner has already hit the Fire Ring without taking damage at all.

Elden Ring Malenia

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