Android users may soon get this new Google Chrome design – Times of India

Google is reportedly testing a redesigned New Tab Page for Chrome on Android smartphones. According to a report by 9to5Google, the technology giant has rolled out the new design of the New Tab Page to Chrome users over the past few weeks. According to the report, the new design appears when users open Chrome after being away from the app for some time. As described in the report, on the redesigned page, the address bar is located higher and it also shows the carousel of recently listed sites. The site also gets a smaller company logo, a new shortcut to Continue browsing and feeds for Discover / Following.
The report further suggests that the tab changer is located in the upper right corner of the renewed page. This is not the first time the company is testing the revamped Chrome New Tab Page for Android users. The new design was first seen last year. As previously mentioned, the new design is currently under testing and it is not available to all users. It is also not known whether the new user interface will be rolled out as part of a stable update.
Last month, Google began rolling out the ‘milestone’ Chrome 100 update. The version brings in new design, features and removes a few tools. With the update, Chrome has changed its logo after an 8-year hiatus.
After installing Chrome 100, Android users will see a new confirmation pop-up when they close all tabs at once. “Close all tabs? Warning: This action can not be undone. Close all tabs and lose unsaved data?” the pop-up sounds. The tech giant has been testing this feature for a while.
With Chrome 100, the company has also decided to say goodbye to Lite mode. Lite mode is a special data-saving mode offered by Chrome that loads pages faster and uses up to 60 percent less data. The company claims that this move is in light of the fact that mobile data has become cheaper and faster in the last few years.