Anime and mythology collide in Dislyte on Android and iOS

Lilith Games has announced their new turn-based RPG Dislyte will arrive in Open Beta on Android and iOS devices on May 10th. Pre-registrations are currently available through Google Play and the App Store in both the US and the UK with plenty of rewards for those who do. A new teaser trailer can be seen below …

Dislyte Image-1-600x296

IN Dislyte the world of 2027 was a peaceful world that saw humanity face a new lifestyle thanks to the appearance of miracles. Happiness, however, was short-lived when their arrival aroused Miramon, an ancient and malevolent God who despised mankind. Fortunately, certain individuals who were sensitive to the miracles absorbed their power and developed god-like abilities in the ancient mythical gods such as Odin, Hermes, Medusa, Loki and became known as Espers. These Espers are the only ones capable of defeating Miramon and defending the human race.

Players will create their team of five Espers (each with their own abilities) and through classic turn-based combat take on enemies and other threats while listening to an electrifying techno-pop soundtrack. If playing against AI is not enough of a challenge, players will be able to practice against others.




Dislyte features:

  • A mix of mythology and an engaging story.
  • Explore and battle in an urban jungle inspired by cities around the world, all with lively scenery.
  • A large list of characters inspired by mythical deities, including Greek, Chinese, Nordic, and Egyptian.
  • Unlock new sounds and different moods with the game’s Gacha ‘style gameplay system.

Pre-register now for Dislyte on Google Play or the App Store before May 10th.