Another small piece of evidence shows up for the Pixel Watch

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C. Scott Brown / Android Authority


  • A trusted leak has shared a screenshot showing evidence of Google Pixel Watch.
  • Interestingly, the watch – if it exists – is on an outdated version of Wear OS.
  • We will need more substantial evidence before we believe this is really on the way.

But even we can not ignore when a very reliable leak shares evidence on the so-called Google Pixel Watch. Today, Evan Blass tweeted a screenshot that does just that. The evidence is quite small and vague, but it will probably be enough to keep the fire burning for the Pixel Watch hopes out there.

You can see the evidence for the watch below:

It is unclear what this screenshot is at all. You can see a corrupted JPG named “Google Pixel Rohan”, where “Rohan” is the long assumed code name for Google Pixel Watch. Next to that you will see another reference to “Rohan” and a drop-down menu referring to Wear OS 3.1

Interestingly, Wear OS 3.1 is not the latest version of the portable operating system. Wear OS 3.2 was launched as a developer preview in February and is already available on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series.

Like we said, this is not the solid proof we need to really believe that the Pixel Watch is coming soon – or even exists. However, it is another thing to add to the pile. Maybe Google will finally have a message of some sort on Google I / O in May? let’s cross our fingers!