Apple iMac with M3 Kit for 2023, iMac Pro Isn’t Dead (Report)

Apple iMac

Picture: Apple

As we await the release of M2-powered MacsApple is reportedly pushing ahead with the development of M3 chips.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who has a strong track record of reporting Apple leaks and rumors, wrote in his Power On newsletter that Apple is already working on an M3 iMac, an all-in-one desktop that is expected to be launched “no earlier than the end of next year.”

Gurman wrote it earlier this month Apple was preparing next-generation chips and testing at least nine Macs with four different versions of the M2 processor. He tiptoed MacBook AirMac mini, Mac-level MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro 14, MacBook Pro 16 and Mac Pro which are currently being tested. Apple is also reportedly considering a Mac mini running on an M1 Pro chip.

Technology companies maintain long-term development plans, so it comes as no surprise that Apple is mapping its M3 series years in advance. What this could indicate is a goal to release a new series of M-Series desktop processors each year, a launch cadence that could push Intel and AMD to keep up.

Gurman’s report also makes us wonder if Apple will skip an M2 iMac and go straight to the M3 after a longer break of 2.5 years. It would not be a complete shock, Considering that Apple typically waits longer to update its iMacs than it does with its laptops. I’m not that sold, and it seems like it’s not Gurman who recently said that an M2 iMac was under development and could debut over the next few months.

Those looking for an upgrade to the iMac should take comfort in knowing that the iMac Pro is not dead. At least not according to Gurman, who says it’s under development but will not arrive “anytime soon.” Another trusted Apple source, Ming-Chi Kuo, wrote on Twitter a few months ago that an iMac Pro would re-emerge, but only in 2023. There is still nothing to say about whether the now-discontinued 27-inch iMac will receive the same treatment.

In the short term, Apple is scheduled to host the WWDC on June 6, where we expect new Macs to debut. These could include an updated version of Mac Pro and a redesigned one MacBook Air, both powered by the successor to Apple’s impressive M1 series processors.