Are you switching to a new Android phone? To reset the phone to factory settings

Factory reset of an Android phone erases all data, contacts, login information, media and other important details. Here you can see how you can do it easily.

Today, smartphones are not only limited to calling or texting, they have become an integral part of our lives. We store almost all of our important data, contacts and other details in our phone. Therefore, switching to a new smartphone can be a tedious task as we have to transfer our data from the old phone, configure and log in to apps. While it is very important to transfer data to a new phone, it is just as important to delete data from the old one or it may be misused if it gets into the wrong hands. Whether you are passing it on to another family member or friend, formatting your existing handset and deleting personal data is a must. However, deleting all data one by one is a hectic task, therefore you can simply reset your device. It will delete all personal information on the smartphone, including logged apps, photos and your messages.

Resetting your Android phone is very quick and easy to perform. Although the process may vary slightly from handset to handset, it is not that difficult. Here’s a handy guide to erasing all data from your Android phone. But remember that before you begin the process, make sure you have online (cloud) and offline backups of all data on your smartphone.

How to factory set your Android smartphone (Google Pixel / Stock Android)

1. Open the Settings app on your phone and go to the System tab or ‘About phone’

2. You will see factory reset or just reset options

Now tap Delete all data (factory reset) at the bottom of the list.

4. Read the instructions shown and agree to delete all data.

5. Draw your unlock pattern, or enter your PIN or password to authenticate the process.

Review the warning displayed on the screen and delete all data from your phone. And, it’s done!