As of May 11, it may not be possible to record calls via third-party apps on Android phones: Reports

If reports are to be believed, Google is seeking to impose restrictions on third-party apps for recording calls on smartphones running on Android operating systems.

The app developers may not be able to provide the call recording feature using third-party apps from May 11, media say.

So you may not be able to record calls without a built-in call recorder from May 11 if you have an Android phone.

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Since the date is only a few weeks away, the problem has come to the fore. Officially, Google has not shared any such upcoming change. But according to reports, the developers know about the move.

Wondering what is being changed? Well, the company removes the access to its Accessibility API for call recording purposes.

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Once done, all third-party apps lose their core functionality.

For some years, Google has been making a concerted effort to curb call recording. It first removed the call recording feature in the Android 10 version and said it would not be available as part of its privacy and security strategy.

But Google also provided a backdoor entry for these apps via the Accessibility API, which will be removed from May 11th.

(With input from agencies)