Beautiful pixels meet brutal Vikings in this side-scrolling basebuilder

I do not think I typically associate 2D side-scrollers with base-building, but when I think about it for a moment, games like Terraria and Starbound come to mind. But if I have to compare Sons of Valhalla to something, it will be a game more like Kingdom. It’s a single player action game that has tons of vicious Viking battles, base building, strategy and even RPG elements.

Before we get to the Vikings swinging axes and clapping flaming pitch against each other with catapults, I have to point out how completely beautiful this game is. There is truly amazing pixel art and finely detailed animation, not to mention a day and night cycle and weather effects ranging from heavy thunderstorms to cloudy fog. I could just stand in the world and watch it all day if it was not filled with enemies thirsting for my blood.