Best Buy has PlayStation 5 consoles for in-store pickup

Update April 21 at 13:20 ET: The Best Buy website is sold out by PS5 consoles for now.

If you’re still in the market for a PlayStation 5, Best Buy has just opened up another stock of the disk-based PS5 for $ 499.99. This rebuild is live now and available to anyone, not just TotalTech subscribers, and is likely to be sold out extremely quickly.

As always, to improve your chances of grabbing one of these consoles, be sure to log in to your Best Buy account in another browser tab while you wait in line, and make sure that everyone your personal information, including billing and delivery addresses, is up to date. Once you’ve done that, it’s just a matter of standing in line and playing the waiting game. Once you have pressed the “Add to cart” button, you are in the queue, so there is no need to refresh the page. Just be prepared to verify your account while you wait.

We do not recommend adding it to your multi-tab shopping cart in an attempt to improve your odds, as Best Buy’s queuing system tends to get a little confused when you do. However, you should have your phone at hand and logged in to the Best Buy app if your PC or laptop is giving you problems.

PlayStation 5

Sony’s next generation flagship console, which includes a disk drive, allows you to play both digital and physical games for PS4 and PS5.

While proper preparation can certainly help, it does not necessarily guarantee that you can get a console. If you do not get one today, remember that persistence is the key, a number of employees on The edge have managed to get their fingers in a PS5 through the same methods that we have described here, so keep at it. Even if you strike out today, remember that we always keep track of inventories at Best Buy and other retailers, so be sure to return regularly for updates.

Some must-have PS5 accessories and games

Whether or not you’re one of the lucky buyers to get a PS5 today, games and console accessories are almost always available, and in some cases even available at a discount.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Insomniac Games’ latest adventure in Ratchet & Clank series is the funniest contribution to date. It’s also the first to launch on the PS5, and it’s both a showcase for great graphics and fast loading speeds.

Deathloop (Deluxe, PS5)

The latest release from Arcane Studios – the team behind Exchange and The disgrace – is a masterpiece in many ways, an open mystery that is exciting, action-packed and just the right amount of strange.

Sony Pulse 3D headset

Sony’s own wireless gaming headset is made to show the PS5’s 3D sound effect and also works on the PS4.

PlayStation Plus (12-month subscription)

A PlayStation Plus membership gives PlayStation 4 and PS5 owners the opportunity to play games online, download free titles every month and take advantage of discounts in the PS Store. PS5 owners will also have access to the PlayStation Plus Collection, a best-of-all selection of PS4 titles.