Brave Search no longer requires you to add “Reddit” to your searches

Brave Search has rolled out a new feature that makes it easier to find conversations from forums like Reddit in your search results. That means you no longer have to add “Reddit” to your searches when looking for thoughts from actual people, not empty responses from sites that are just trying to get clicks.

You do not need to do anything to start getting these results. If your query has triggered an online conversation, you will see results under a new, more prominent section “Discussions”. Brave says it selects posts to display based on their recent popularity, relevance, and how many likes or upvotes posts receive. Right now, Brave only shows results from Reddit and StackExchange, but says it will add more sites “in the near future.”

The “Discussions” section appeared in the middle of my search results.
Image: Screenshot via Brave

The nice part is that you will not see Discussions for everything you seek. Brave says the feature applies to “hundreds of scenarios,” but is best for questions about products, travel, current events, coding, and “very unique or specific questions.”

I tried the feature myself and I have to admit it is pretty cool. After searching for “how to find the best graphics card”, I scrolled down to find a section dedicated to relevant answers from Reddit. For comparison, I tried the same query on the desktop versions of both Google and Bing; none of the engines showed results from Reddit (or any forum for that matter) on the first page of results. As a Bing user (yes, people actually use Bing) who have tried Brave Search before and appreciate input from other people, this feature alone may be enough to make me a Brave converter.

Just last week, Reddit started indexing comments in its search results so you can mix relevant answers instead of entire posts. Several people have approached Reddit for authentic responses, a trend outlined in a post (mentioned in Brave’s press release), titled “Google Search Is Dying.” It describes the growing trend of adding “Reddit” to searches, something that Brave Search, which launched in beta last year, seems to embrace. Brave has also recently rolled out a De-Amp feature to bypass pages that use Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages framework.