Chained Echoes unites magic and mechanics into a nostalgic new JRPG

Aiming for a release in Q4 2022 across the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Some games look so cute that it does not matter if they fall outside your everyday genres – you are still drawn. As someone who rarely invests more than 50 hours in turn-based JRPG comfort food, this is how I see it. Chained echoes, an upcoming Super Nintendo-style adventure from Matthias Linda. It’s a world of dragons and mechs and it looks amazing.

There’s a new trailer out today in collaboration with Deck13 Spotlight, the indie-boosting arm of The Surge develops Deck13 Interactive, which also reped CrossCode.

The magic phrase: no random encounters

I’m a sucker for this kind of just-get-into-that-fight transition. It gets me every time! I’m also particularly interested in the scattered reward board (shown 1:03 in the video), which looks like a fun, satisfying way to spice up the usual JRPG grinding.

Chained echoes is a story-driven game where a group of heroes travel around the great continent of Valandis to bring an end to the war between its three kingdoms, ”according to its creator, and it is certainly a more than good reason to jump aboard a cool airship .

Here’s the key promise: “You’ll find everything an RPG lover’s heart needs. A complex equipment and skill system, stats, loot, sidequests, big cities, dangerous dungeons, and since this is a classic JRPG-like game, a lots of mini-games. “

Chained Echoes cinematic
If you slow down, there are lots of cool pictures in the trailer.

Aside from the trailer, the real news today is that Chained echoes comes to Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One in Q4 2022 – even though I do not know that any of us will just keep the game for that release window. It’s ready when it’s ready, I’m sure.

Chained echoes seems like the kind of JRPG passion project that could only happen after a lifetime of playing the classics, the deep cuts, and a whole lot of flawed gems. It’s a particularly high order for an indie developer, but all that’s shown so far looks encouraging.

“We’re almost there,” Linda said in a message to the Kickstarter backers.

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