Chrome for Android may soon allow you to restore multiple tabs at once

Your biggest browser nightmare is about to be fixed

We’ve all had the moment when we accidentally closed one or two Chrome tabs – a simple trip to the browser history is usually enough to fix it. But what if you close an entire window with all of your 3,172 tabs or a tab group? The typical reaction (after screaming your lungs out) is to find a way to save all you can. Fortunately, Chrome has the ability to restore closed tabs. But if you use the Android app, you can currently only do it one at a time. Google is reportedly now working on including the ability to mass-restore tabs in Chrome for Android.

The people at Chrome Story found an experimental flag in the Chromium code that Google allegedly uses to test the feature. The source page description suggests that Google will update the browser’s Recent Tabs interface to include the ability to restore multiple closed tabs or tab groups with a single tap. It’s still a work in progress, but the feature may soon come on the experimental Chrome Canary channel for Android, with the stable update later.

Google introduced a similar feature to desktop Chrome some time ago. If you accidentally close a tab window or tab group, press the overflow menu button and navigate to History> Recently Closed, you will find your tabs in one place so you can restore them with a single click. It’s so crucial a feature that can save you hours of restoring individual tabs or, worse, navigating your entire history to try to get your information back.

Google is also working on the ability to save Chrome tab groups on the desktop for later. The latest version of Chrome Canary has a flag on it chrome: // flags / # tab-groups-save, which, when enabled, displays an option to save your tab groups in the bookmarks bar. You can then close the groups and recall them at any time from bookmarks. This flag is already on the stable channel, but the feature has yet to be filled.

Managing your tabs efficiently is an essential part of the browsing experience, so it’s nice to see Google continue to deepen this aspect on both its desktop and Android apps. Want to know all of Chrome’s tips and tricks? There is a whole world of simple yet powerful features to enhance your desktop experience.


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