Classic fighting game ‘Art of Fighting’ from SNK and Hamster is out now on iOS and Android as the latest release of ACA NeoGeo Series – TouchArcade

This week’s new ACA NeoGeo classic from SNK and Hamster is the fighting game The art of fighting on both iOS and Android. The art of fighting is a fighting game that debuted back in 1992. It features Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia taking on various enemies to free Yuri Sakazaki, who was kidnapped. I bought The art of fighting through Hamster’s release on the Nintendo Switch and first got it really working towards a complete set of SNK’s fighters on the Nintendo Switch. It’s not something I often like Garou Mark of the Wolves and more of a curiosity. If you’ve been waiting to own this through the Hamster series on your mobile, you can now grab it for half the price of the console version. If you have not followed the Hamsters ACA NeoGeo series, these releases have many modern conveniences as described in Shaun’s reviews of other games, which you can read below. Hamster has previously released another trailer The art of fighting console version, which you can see here. See a screenshot from the Android version of The art of fighting ACA NeoGeo below:

Check out The art of fighting ACA NeoGeo on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. If you have not yet heard of the series or seen it in action on your mobile, Shaun has reviewed most releases so far in the ACA NeoGeo series on iOS. Check out his reviews too Samurai Shodown IV here, Alpha Mission II here, Metal Slug 5 here, Shock Troopers here, NAM-1975 here, ZED BLAD here, THE ADVICE here, The King of Fighters 2002 here, Great tournament golf here, King of monsters here, and Last resort here. Check out the official website here. Which SNK classic would you like to see arrive on your mobile next time through this series, and would you like to buy this one?