Clubhouse is still a thing and it becomes games in the room

The social audio platform is trying hard to stand out

Lockdown-induced boredom led many people to look for new ways to connect with others online. Social audio app Clubhouse emerged as one of the more popular solutions and quickly gathered millions of downloads – in June 2021 alone saw the influx of almost 6 million new users. But as quarantines were lifted and people began to move on with their lives, the rapid growth began to cool. To get things started and maybe even pull some users back, Clubhouse is now testing a new in-room gaming feature.

The first launch presents a game called Wild Cards (via TechCrunch), which basically presents questions designed to act as an icebreaker and get the conversation going, especially for the microphone clouds out there. For example, you may be asked to share the last five things in your search history, guess a movie that the whole group loves, or even explain things like what type of dog your personality matches best with.


Starting a game is easy: Just click the + Rooms button and select the Games option, which will add you to a social space. Here you will be able to invite friends to join, and when everything looks good, you can start playing by pressing Start game. Right now, at least, the experience is only available in English.

Social sound was pretty popular last year. When they saw Clubhouse’s success, other social platforms rushed to add similar, silent only products to their apps. Facebook now has Hotline, Twitter has got Spaces, and Spotify got Greenroom (now Live). The clubhouse therefore seems to be making an effort to stand out from the crowd with this new addition.

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