Demolition of Apple’s new and long Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable highlights why it’s so expensive | AppleInsider

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A new video takes a look inside Apple’s recently introduced Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable and gives viewers a look at the premium components that went into its design.

When Apple introduced the Mac Studio and Studio Display in March, they quietly launched a new Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable. The new cable, priced at $ 129 for 1.8 meters in length, is capable of up to 40Gb / s data transfer and allows charging up to 100W.

A new demolition video from ChargerLAB highlights the premium materials and construction that went into making the cable.

The cable is a coaxial cable with 19 wires. Six of the wires are tinned copper wires that supply power. In addition, two wires enable USB 2.0 transmission, making the cable backward compatible with Thunderbolt 3, USB 3 and USB2. Many of the wires are plated with silver as well as copper.

The connectors themselves also have premium parts contained in a durable brass housing. Each connector also has 24 gold-plated legs.

Inside the connector is an Intel chip used for signal reconstruction and signal jitter reduction. The outside of the cable is encapsulated in a waterproof and dustproof braided exterior, which increases the durability of the cable.

ChargerLAB notes that the cable works very well, but is probably not useful for standard customers who would do just as well with a cheaper alternative. Functional 1.8M Thunderbolt 4 cables are available for as low as $ 40, though minus some of Apple’s design and material touches.

But for creatives working with large amounts of data, ChargerLAB states that it may be the best option available at the moment.