Destiny 2’s Rotator system will give players new reasons to play old raids and dungeons

Fate 2‘s latest weekly update had good news for fans of the game’s old content. In the new This Week at Bungie post, the developer revealed a few more details about the game’s upcoming Rotator system, which will reward players for going back to certain old raids and dungeons each week.

The new Rotator system will include seasonal and weekly challenges that players can complete. In the seasonal version, the season’s new raid and dungeon will each provide Pinnacle rewards for all their encounters. The system will also include a raid rotator and a dungeon rotator that provide players with Pinnacle equipment when finished.

Weekly rotations, on the other hand, will include every raid and dungeon that is not in seasonal rotation. This means you can take on almost any challenge you want for these rewards. The weekly rotation will only reward players with a Pinnacle drop after completing the last encounter in a dungeon or raid.

The new system also offers another bonus: agriculture. Once this new system is live, raids and dungeons will no longer have lockouts for legendary equipment. This means players can repeat these encounters as many times as they want and they will be eligible for legendary rewards each time.

The rotation system is set to access Fate 2 as part of season 17, which was to start somewhere around May 25th.