Did Bungie accidentally leak one of next season’s Destiny 2 exotic weapons?

Okay, who’s ready to go down the rabbit hole via a short detour to Japan? Last week, we talked about what I’m pretty sure were the longest balance change notes PC Gamer has ever encountered in the form of a 9,000 word edition of this week on Bungie. Among all the buffs, nerfs, and general geeks (graphs!) Of how in-air accuracy is calculated, there was a bullet point list of exotic weapons with their new ‘Airborne Effectiveness’ stats. The last post was: [REDACTED] 29.

Bungie likes to use ‘redacted’ when teasing upcoming content, but in this case – as seen by the always eagle-eyed scout at. r / raidscrets– In the Japanese version of the post, the post was no longer edited. Instead, Kanji was translated to: ‘Treadmill’. AND Destiny 1 players will know that Trespasser was an exotic side arm from the Rise of Iron expansion. Interestingly, the 29 airborne efficiency statistics would stand in line with redacted as a primary weapon. So a new exotic side arm makes sense. But the evidence does not stop there.

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