Digimon Survive finally secures a release date

Photo: Bandai Namco

Digimon Survive, the chronically delayed RPG from Bandai Namco, seems to have finally secured a release date when the game launches (at least in Japan) on July 28, 2022.

The news is hopefully the last hurdle for the game after it was originally scheduled to launch in 2019. It was subsequently delayed to 2020, then to 2021, and then to 2022 – crikey. Like many developers, it appears that the COVID-19 pandemic caused chaos for the production of the game, with the game’s producer, Kazumasa Habu, directly picking up the pandemic when the game’s delay to 2021 was originally announced.

The release date comes from a Japanese magazine, so whether Digimon Survive will launch worldwide on the same date is currently in the air. When Bandai Namco confirms, we will make sure to let you know.

Are you sure Digimon Survive will actually be released on July 28th? Do you want to download it? Tell us that in a comment.