Digimon Survive will be released on the same day as Xenoblade Chronicles 3

A montage shows the cast of Xenoblade Chronicles looking across the horizon towards a massive Agumon.

Picture: Bandai Namco / Nintendo / Monolith Soft / Kotaku

Long awaited strategy JRPG Digimon survives finally has a release date and it’s July 29, 2022. Every other year, like them Stay alive previously to be released in, it would be a perfectly reasonable date for a niche game with a cult following. But the announcement comes just a day after Nintendo uncharacteristically decided to bump up Xenoblade Chronicles 3 to the same day. I pray for you Agumon.

“Sorry to wait for updates Digimon survives“, said producer Kazumasu Habo in a YouTube unveiling today (via Game radar). “But today I would like to give you this exciting news Digimon survives has finally been set for 29 July 2022. ”

The news came out of the blue and was long awaited. First announced in 2018, the visual new strategy hybrid for PS4, Xbox One and Switch was originally to be released the following year. Instead Digimon survives was delayed until 2020 and then 2021 when the pandemic hit. Systems were overhauled and the engine changed during this period, and publisher Bandai Namco promised an update on the status of the project in early 2021, but never gave one. Later that year, it once said in 2022, and here we are.

The history of the release date of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, meanwhile, is going in the opposite direction. The open-world action-RPG was first officially announced in February this year. It was to be released in September. Then Nintendo revealed yesterday that it actually came out two months too early, an ominous move considering Splatoon 2It’s also scheduled for a summer release, but a pleasant surprise too Xenoblade fans who have spent the last 24 hours to lose theirs anime mekloving shit.

Stacked release dates occur, but usually far enough in advance for one publisher to have a chance to blink and say, “No thanks!” That’s what happened in 2019 when Metro Exodus, Days pastand Anthem were all was due to arrive on 22 February. Ultimately, Metro came out a week early and Days past was moved to April, gives Anthem a wide bunk so everyone could be disappointed at the same time.

Personally, I could not be more pumped for Digimon survives and Xenoblade Chronicles 3, just not at the same time. Even in the middle of summer, I do not have 100 hours to pour into competing UI-flooded battle screens and incomprehensible character motivations. But it’s not too late for one of them to blink and dive out of the way. If Digimon being delayed a fourth time, I may actually be relieved. Or better yet, Nintendo could just release Monolithsoft’s latest right now.