Dr. Dre thought GTA was ‘for kids’ until DJ Pooh gave him a personal demo

Dr.  Dre as seen in a promo artwork for GTA Online's contract update.

Picture: Rockstar games

Last year, Dr. Turn the headline GTA online‘s latest update, The Contract. However, it took something convincing to get him to perform digitally in the game. According to a new interview, he initially said no because he did not really know much about GTA and thought it was “for kids”.

In an interview with BETDJ Pooh – a screenwriter and music producer who has worked with Rockstar since San Andreas-talked about how uninterested Dr. Dre in the beginning was when Rockstar struck the idea that he should perform in GTA online.

“In the beginning, it was just no,” Plys said. “But the answer was initially no, because Dre is not a gamer. He just did not play any of the games. It’s not like he does not like them or anything, he just did not play them. He was like I do not do things for children. “

It may seem strange that anyone would assume GTA online is a game for children, but remember that Dr. Dre is a very, very rich person with a huge career and probably a busy man most days. It is not shocking that he has not found time to sit down and play one GTA game. And if he did sit down to play GTA onlinehe would probably encounter a bunch of kids blowing him up in the air with jet bikes or ask for money and end up walking away if one assumed that yes, it’s a game for kids.

But DJ Plys did not give up on getting Dr. Turn in GTA online. As he told BET, he took a PlayStation over to the award-winning rapper Calabasa’s mansion and connected it to Dre’s massive TV. Plush wanted Dre to see on his own what GTA online actually was, and clear up any misunderstandings.

“He was blown away,” said Plush. “He did not know you could do all this – all the layers of gameplay that people call the metaverse, but it’s more fun than that. He said, ‘This shit is great,’ and he saw me running around in “We out here, who put different rims on the car, get into a shootout, hang out with my friends, I have a boyfriend – all that!”

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After that, and some conversations with Rockstar, Dr. changed. Dre opinion and decided to be a part of GTA online. He not only gave his voice and some new songsbut also did motion capture for Rockstar in a custom-built mocap scene that recreated his recording studio.

The end result was the Contract, one of the best GTA online updates ever released, with new story content starring GTA V main character Franklin and others in the lead role. And Dr. Dres involvement – complete with new issues – was a big reason why the update was so well received. And all that was needed was for DJ Plys to look past Dre’s mansion and play a bit GTA with him.

Now Dr. Dre appear in recently confirmed to exist GTA 6? Only (probably a lot) time will show …