Elden Ring mod makes co-op available anywhere, anytime

Elden Ring is a game full of mysteries. That’s the appeal! Even in a popular, widespread title like this, it’s the rare game where every discovery a player makes can feel as if they’re the first person in the world to figure it out – even if they followed a guide to get there. However, some things regarding Elden Ring would be better if they were less mysterious and opaque – like how the dang game co-op works. This has obviously inspired a mud to find a way to make Elden Ring‘s co-op hassle-free and unlimited, and frankly? It’s a dream.

YouTuber LukeYui, first discovered by The Gamer, has been working on a mod that makes up for a lot Elden Ring‘s multiplayer restrictions. To sum up: the game usually only lets players summon a partner in certain areas, typically where there is a boss or a cave of enemies that needs to be cleared out. The player-to-player connection only continues until either the area manager is defeated, a player dies, or they leave the specified multiplayer zone.

In YouTube footage, LukeYui seems to have found a way to bypass the triggers that would normally cause their partner to be fired, defeat a Tree Sentinel area boss with another player, and then rest by a bonfire with them – like both are actions that would normally bring an end to the collaboration session.

Less is often more, and the fact that Elden Ring lets you only temporarily call for help in certain areas – areas where you may really need it – does a lot to make that help feel more meaningful. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to think about exploring The Lands Between with a friend, not because there’s an enemy to be killed, but because it’s just a great world to see with someone else.