Elden Ring player ‘Let Me Solo Here’ has become a total legend among fans

A screenshot from Elden Ring's story trailer from December 2021, depicting the optional, late boss Malenia, Blade of Miquella.

You have probably hit a number Elden Ring bosses who just kick their teeth in. No matter how many times you have reached the level, or how amplified your gear is, some enemies almost always hit you to the bottom. While Torrent is usually ready so you can escape a fight if the challenge gets too tough, there are a few bosses – like Malenia, Blade of Miquella – who lock you into a 1v1 match that could end with a controller-tearing death. Unless you decide to ask for help. And the hero who answers the call is “Let Me Solo Here”, a player who has recently become a legend in Elden Ring community, a bit like the fashion police that show up in Dark Souls 3.

The name Let Me Solo here refers to Maleniaan optional boss in late games that many are known to be one of Elden Ring‘s toughest fights. Malenia is fast, has lots of range with her long katana, and enters another phase that can push you with a single tap if you are not careful. She’s a headache to deal with, but her drops are totally worth the frustration – especially the katana’s The skill of the waterfowl dancewhich triggers a shower of sword strokes around you in quick succession.

Although Malenia is a tough match for even the most talented players, Elden Ring has online multiplayer in the same way as other FromSoftware games. After being kicked by Malenia 20-30 times, Reddit user sazed813 decided to use co-op, and summoned Let Me Solo Here without knowing who the player was or what was going to happen. Sazed813, however, noticed Let Me Solo Her strange attire right away. Dressed in nothing but underwear and a jar on his head, Let Me Solo Here swung two katanas – The Rivers of Blood and what appeared to be a Uchigatana – and, as the name suggests, literally solo-ed Malenia, beating her without taking any fatal damage.

“He was faultless and put all my attempts to shame,” sazed813 wrote after the meeting. “I certainly did not kill Malenia, but no matter what, she’s dead.”

There is a reason you would like to tackle Malenia, especially if you are a samurai. Like the coveted Moonveil katana, Malenia’s hand is a solid sword with long range and high damage, scales with Dexterity and Strength and builds bleeding. Notoriously, heavy enough bleeding can kill certain things in Elden Ring within seconds, which has made it a popular construction among fans. But Malenia is also weak for bleeding, and Let Me Solo Here has two katanas that affect the status effect, making it completely possible for the player to 1v1 her without help. Obviously, someone has studied.

Since then, Let Me Solo Here (or characters who pretend to be him) have helped anyone waving their name (on PC) for help with the Malenia fight. The community has noticed the bravery and heroism of Let Me Solo Her and immortalized them in various of art and 3D rendered sculptures and memes. These are healthy things, especially considering how antagonistic FromSoft stops tend to be.

Let me solo her, who is apparently a YouTuber named Klein Tsuboi, has uploaded a video of them assisted two players by soloizing Malenia. Tsuboi said their sign will always be down for anyone “desperately spotted” who needs help.

Kotaku has contacted Klein Tsuboi and sazed813 for a comment.

Let Me Solo Here is not the only player online with a specific gimmick. Tsuboi’s jokes have inspired people to solo other bosses and create it Let me solo him opposite dedicated to fighting the intimidating Mohg, Lord of Blood. It’s cool to see Elden Ring communities come together to help each other. The game is tough and vague, so any help is welcome.