Fans believe that Pokemon Company Secretly Killed Gogoat

There are many Pokemon. And we mean one lot. As Pokemon franchise adapts and moves forward in a bright new future, of course we will have to say goodbye to a few creatures along the way.

Pushing 1000 Pokemon is a bit much, and with the current framework for the series requiring full modeling, animations and personalities for the little guys to come to life, it would be impossible to bring each one over with the Switch’s capabilities. But as it turns out, a Pokemon has been left out in the cold much, much more than their friends.

Gogoat Is Dead, Long Live Goat

Fans believe that Pokemon Company Secretly Killed Gogoat

As pointed out by a Pokemon fan on Reddit, there are a few Pokemon that only get an appearance in a few games, which is pretty sad in itself given the series’ expansiveness. Only one has appeared exclusively in the game they debuted in. It’s Gogoat, the Grass-type Mount Pokemon that evolves from Skiddo and only appears in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

It’s a surprising revelation, but mostly because with all the Pokemon that could be transferred, you would expect more monsters to be reduced to just one game. But there are several Pokemon that do not show up very often either.

The most neglected Pokemon

The most elated comment right now reads: “It’s weird after how hyped it was before X&Y came out, and now it’s one of the most forgotten Pokémon.” There are a few other ‘Mon’ who have not really seen much of a future in the series, as they have all only appeared in one national Pokedex, as pointed out by one of the original commentators.

These Pokemon are (take a deep breath) Breloom, Cacturne, Zebstrika, Leavanny, Sawsbuck, Elektross, Vivillon, Toucannon, Gumshoos, Crabominable, Oricorio, Komala, Minior and Bruxish. Each has its own benefits, so it’s sad to see them lost to the history books. Maybe it’s getting better in Scarlet and Violet.

But seriously, what does The Pokemon Company have against Gogoat? It’s a shame that some Pokémon are left next to it, but it’s a sad symptom of the series’ progress. Rest in peace, Gogoat, we hardly knew you.