FFVII Remake Bright Arts Gallery Cactaur and Tonberry will appear in 2023

Square Enix announced two new pieces of Final Fantasy VII goods. This time, they feature monsters from the remake. They are also part of a whole new line of decorations. That FFVII re-recording Bright Arts Gallery Cactaur and Tonberry figures are in the works. Both are expected to be shown in January 2023.

Each Bright Arts Gallery FFVII re-recording the figure is $ 39.99. Both are die-cast metal figures. Of the two, the cactus is slightly higher. It will be 2.64 inches high. Tonberry only gets a little smaller. Its height is set at 2.17 inches. Square Enix did not note the exact materials. But the colors and design make them exactly look like the enemies’ appearances in the game.

Here’s Tonberry. It will carry its lantern and knife in its position.

And here it is FFVII re-recording Bright Arts Gallery Cactaur.

Square Enix regularly releases merchandise based on FFVII and its re-recording. For example, one of the newer items is a Buster Sword alarm clock. It has different color options and plays songs from the game to its alarms.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. That FFVII re-recording The figures from Cactaur and Tonberry Bright Arts Gallery are expected to be released in January 2023.