Final Fantasy VII Remake Mod gives Barret a classic Amano Makeover

A side-by-side comparison of Barret mod and Yoshitaka Amano's concept art.

Picture: Square Enix / Amiibolad / Kotaku

A new one Final Fantasy VII Remake against gives party member Barret Wallace an updated aesthetic who cuts closer to the concept art before development created by the famous illustrator Yoshitaka Amano.

Although Amano’s paintings are known for their iconic role-playing series with a touch of ethereal elegance, his remarkable art is rarely reflected in Final Fantasy the game itself. That is not to say that the franchise does not contain beautiful images, but it hardly looks like Amano’s unique illustrations.

“I feel like what I’m adding to the franchise is that my approach is different from a game developer’s approach,” Amano said Polygon during a retrospective from 2017 on the original Final Fantasy VII. “And I think it gives the art more leeway – it’s not limited to something that fits into a game.”

Another image of the Barret mod with Cloud and Tifa.

Screenshot: Square Enix / Amiibolad

That’s probably why I’m so impressed with this Final Fantasy VII Remake against. Not only is it inspired by Amano’s largely unrealized concept art, but it also focuses on Barret, who sports the kind of larger frames that do not get much play in the artist’s portfolio due to his focus on more waif-like character designs.

In fact, while stumbling over Amano’s early Final Fantasy VII concepts, I could only find one that contains Cloud’s armed allies, which of course made the development of maturity a difficult exercise.

“[T]here is not much art to use as a reference, so I kept all the parts that are visible: ponytail, fur, earrings and face piercings, ”wrote the opponent Amiibolad in his Nexus Mods description. “The rest is my interpretation of Amano’s free forms and patterns, and of course: PEARLS!”

Amiibolad, der Kotaku previously highlighted for their work on one ambitious The wild spirit projectincluded a handful of variations with the Barret mod that give players different color palettes for the new outfit.

With this release, Amiibolad’s counterpart now includes Amano-inspired outfits for everyone playable party member in Final Fantasy VII remake, all of which were released within the last month. Busy!