Final Fantasy XIV adventure records are already a hit

Welcome back to the era of forum signatures

Patch 6.1 off Final Fantasy XIV is live and starts a new adventure for Warriors of Light. Amidst the new raid content and story quests, however, there is another new feature that has been a huge success so far. Adventurer plates charge Final Fantasy XIV players distill their online presence into a handy card and they are a blast.

Adventure plates, which are currently in beta, are small profile cards that essentially describe everything about your character. Players can select favorite classes and titles. They can adorn their profile with sight and sound Final Fantasy XIVs hub cities. There are even markers for when in the day you are usually online and what kind of content you enjoy playing.

And of course there are portraits. Players can use emotes, expressions and camera tools to take the perfect picture. It’s like if DMV lets you take a really good snap for your license.

Self-expression is the key to longevity for live service gaming, and get more than that Final Fantasy XIV. I had heard jokes about how glamor and cosmetics were the playoffs, how …XIV‘s extremely in-depth photo mode – where it’s and spotted. Well, they were okay. And adventure records are the perfect format for even more of that. These portraits can also show up in PvP, though pointed out to me, these may differ from your adventurer record. These portraits allow for an extra personalization and a way to present your character in new and interesting light, especially to other players.

Express yourself

And of course, Final Fantasy XIV players already have a field day with the tool. Some have found clever ways to use it, including noticing it weapon animations still work in the plate. Players recreate memes and joke around. Yes, they are equal makes things beautiful NSFW. It had to happen, one way or another.

New adventures and quests are cool. But what I like about adding adventure records to Final Fantasy XIV is how they add a little extra customization and personality to a game already filled with it. As it turns out, there are things that can be done Final Fantasy XIV even more a distinctive MMO. It happens to be short with a signature in the forum, with just enough freedom to inspire both creativity and madness.