Fire Ring Mod adds Berserker Guts As A Boss Battle

An Elden Ring modder recently managed to add Berserker protagonist Guts to the latest FromSoftware role-playing game as a boss character.

A new PC mod shows how Berserk‘s Guts would manage in the world of Elden Ring as a managerial character. Given Bersærker’s influence on Elden Ring, it was only a matter of time before modders developed such a project. The popular manga and anime series even received an Easter egg in the latest FromSoftware adventure, which comes in the form of a great sword that bears a striking resemblance to the Dragon Slayer weapon that Guts has.

Elden Ring has received a treasure trove of pc mods since its launch about two months ago. An early creation created by fans added highly coveted photo mode features to the experience. Another allowed users to summon boss characters as friendly allies. Others have turned the script around in interesting ways by turning a Tree Sentinel into Thomas the Tank Engine or introducing a playable Easy Mode. Needless to say, Elden Rings Easy Mode mod has proven to be particularly popular since its arrival in Nexus Mods in early March. And the game’s impressive modding community recently unleashed yet another incredible project that will surely capture the hearts and minds of many.

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YouTuber Garden of Eyes teamed up with COTA Studios to produce one Elden Ring courage that brings loved ones Berserk main character Guts to the Lands Between. In particular, the Tarnished must face Guts in an intense boss fight in which the man known as the Black Swordsman swings his iconic Dragon Slayer Grand Sword. Guts even features a combat movement set similar to the Half-Wolf NPC, Blaidd. Watch the full boss meeting in the video linked below:

This Berserk-inspired against deserves nothing less than a round of applause. Guts‘design and moveset is a sight to behold. Plus, the Multiverse story that sets out why the Tarnished should accept such a formidable enemy justifies praise in itself. However, there is one small disappointment – this one Elden Ring boss battle mod is missing another phase.

Over two years after the E3 2019 announcement, Elden Ring hit store shelves for PC, last-gen and current-gen consoles in late February this year. Most agree that FromSoftware’s new opus exceeded expectations and therefore deserves consideration as a masterpiece. No one can deny that its inventive design will also impact countless open-world games in the years to come. It should then be interesting to see which title marks the first to adopt Elden Rings praised approach to open world design.

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Elden Ring is available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Source: Garden of Eyes / YouTube

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