‘Gamevice for Android’ is a cheaper and improved version of the Razer Kishi

Today, Gamevice announced a new milestone selling one million units of their gaming controller accessories. Along with the announcement, the company also released two new controllers, “Gamevice for Android” and “Gamevice for iPad.” The former may seem familiar to those who know, as it is almost identical to the Razer Kishi, which was released in 2020. In our review, we found that the Razer Kishi offered great benefits through gaming, but we had a problem where it could not accommodate larger smartphones. The new Gamevice for Android apparently solves this and claims support for even larger phones like Samsung Galaxy S21 and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

An improved Razer Kishi at a better price

If it is not familiar with Gamevice, the company has been around for almost a decade and offers gaming accessories for various Android smartphones and iOS devices. While its initial efforts were tailored to specific smartphones, its newer offering allows maximum compatibility with its universal design. To provide the best possible experience, Gamevice’s latest controller uses a direct connection via USB-C. This provides the lowest latency compared to a wireless connection. The USB-C connection also offers the added benefit of supporting pass-through charging, which means you can charge your phone while playing.

In addition, Gamevice for Android offers a variety of inputs, such as double-click full-size analog joysticks, A, B, X and Y buttons, a D-pad, two analog triggers, two analog bumpers, start, start and select buttons. Despite the claim of offering support for larger smartphones, there is a possibility that your smartphone may not work. This is especially true if your device has a larger camera hump on the back. If you’re interested in the new controller, you can purchase it directly from the Gamevice website and Amazon.com for $ 59.95. As an added bonus, you get a digital code for a free month with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

    Gamevice for Android

    Gamevice for Android is a new controller accessory for your Android device

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