Garmin unveils new Vívosmart fitness tracker after nearly four years | Engadget

Garmin has launched the latest iteration of the long-awaited Vívosmart fitness tracker. It’s almost four years since Garmin released the previous iteration of the Vívosmart, and for the most part, the new model does not repair what was not broken. It still has the same sleek look as its predecessor, though with a much larger OLED screen and a replaceable strap.

Unlike older models, Vívosmart has a connected GPS so it can connect to your smartphone to track the distance, speed and pace of your running and cycling trips. It includes 14 different modes for activity tracking, including everything from yoga to HIIT training to breathing.

For those who need more than the basics, the Vívosmart 5’s lack of ECG sensors and built-in GPS can be a dealbreaker. Fitness trackers have only become more advanced since Garmin released the Vívosmart 4 in 2018. The latest models from Apple and Fitbit are packed with more health tracking features, GPS support and advanced sensors. Garmin’s more expensive models include bells and whistles like the Fenix ​​7’s multi-LED flashlight and Instinct 2’s solar charging capability. But for those looking for a solid laptop that can track activity levels, sleep, menstrual cycles, blood oxygen levels and stress, the Vívosmart 5 could be a strong challenger.

The Vívosmart 5’s battery claims to last for 7 days on a single charge, but only if you do not activate the pulse ox or sleep tracking features. It is both swim and shower resistant, and the silicone strap is available in three different colors: cool mint, black and white. The Vívosmart 5 sells for $ 150, which is roughly the same price level as the latest Fitbit Charge and a range of Garmin watches, including the Forerunner 45S.

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