Get up to 70% off Final Fantasy Games On Switch In Square Enix’s Golden Week Sale (North America)

Neo The World Ends With You Wicked Twisters
Photo: Square Enix

As Golden Week kicks off in Japan, a number of Japanese publishers and developers are lowering the price of their games to celebrate it. Square Enix is ​​the latest company to join the section, bringing up to 70% savings to some of their biggest IPs.

This sale, which sees some classics – as several big ones Final Fantasy games, the first three Dragon Quest games, Collection of Mana – get huge reductions along with some of last year’s releases. NEO: For example, The World Ends with You is a 50% discount! And Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden gets a nice little 20% discount. You save up to 70% on many of Switch’s best RPGs plus a few other games. Maybe it’s the right time to try Balan Wonderworld now?

Here’s a list of all that’s on offer, thanks to Nintendo Everything:

If you need to think a little about it, do not despair – the sale lasts until kl May 11 at 23.59 PDT / 12 May at 02.59 EDT. Some of these games are also already for sale in Europe through the huge spring sale, but maybe we will get even more juicy savings from Square in the coming days.

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