Ghostbusters VR announced for Meta Quest 2 – IGN

In a surprise announcement at the end of today’s Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022, Meta announced today that a new VR game in Ghostbusters Universe is currently under development.

Ghostbusters VR is based in San Francisco and has players running their own ghost-blasting business while solving paranormal mysteries. According to the press release, the upcoming title will serve as a “new chapter in the Ghostbusters universe” and will not be based on previous adaptations of the IP.

While you can fight the supernatural yourself, Ghostbusters VR will also allow you to team up with friends with up to three players participating as you go through the game’s campaign and save Fan Francisco from ghosts.

Ghostbusters VR will allow players to ward off ghosts with iconic equipment known from the franchise. This includes the proton packet, the tool ghostbusters primarily uses to capture ghosts. nDreams, the developers behind Phantom: Covert Ops and Far Cry VR: Dive Into Insanity, have been tasked with developing Ghostbusters VR, while Sony Pictures VR will act as the game’s publisher.

Ghostbusters VR does not currently have a release date, though Meta promised to share more information about the game in the coming months. However, Oculus executive producer Ruth Bram mentioned earlier in the stream today that the games highlighted during the event were scheduled to be released within the next year.