God of War Ragnarok developer breaks silence with good news

ONE The god of war Ragnarok the developer has broken the studio’s silence about the PS4 and PS5 game, and it’s not with bad news that everyone has been waiting for, but with good news. There has been growing speculation and concern that the long-awaited sequel across generations will be delayed from 2022 to 2023. Speculation became so high that a developer decided to end it and confirm that the game will be released this year, or at. it is at least about to be released this year. As you know, anything can change. The developer confirmed that it is still a 2022 game, but did not reveal further details than this.

The confirmation comes on the way by Bruno Velazquez, an animation director on the game, who, when a PlayStation fan was asked to assure that the game is coming this year, tweeted “Ragnarok coming this year. “This was all the developer said, but it was enough to allay the concerns of many.

So why were so many PlayStation fans worried in the first place? Well, because it’s almost May, and there’s still nothing to say about when the game will be released. In fact, the game has not yet raised its head this year, and its marketing campaign has also not yet begun. And if the game is to be released this year, it needs to be dated soon if it is to have a traditional marketing campaign.

Many God of War fans thought the game would have its big day yesterday, April 20, on the four-year anniversary of its predecessor, but that obviously did not happen.

The god of war Ragnarok is under development for PS4 and PS5 and it is scheduled to be released sometime this year. Below you can read more about the upcoming game:

“Together, Kratos and Atreus delve deep into the nine kingdoms in search of answers as the Asgardian forces prepare for war,” reads an official text about the game directly from Sony. from across the kingdoms and faces fearsome enemies in the form of Nordic gods and monsters. As the threat from Ragnarök grows ever closer, Kratos and Atreus find themselves choosing between the security of their families and the security of the kingdoms … “