Google bans apps for BILLIONS of phone users for fear of being ILLEGAL

Call recording apps on Android stop working as Google has announced a massive ban.

The tech giant is concerned that such apps could be used illegally as the laws of practice vary so much.

Call recording is no longer available


Call recording is no longer availableCredit: Alamy

Recording calls is largely allowed, but in some places everyone involved in the conversation needs to be made aware of and give consent, such as California and Germany.

Not only that, there are concerns that these apps may violate privacy and security.

So Google has decided to block them forever.

This is not the first time that call recording apps have been banned.

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Previously, the company blocked a part that developers needed to make footage, but they found a way around it.

Google will now cut the loophole on May 11, making affected apps completely useless.

But there is a catch that allows a small number of apps to continue.

If your phone came with a built-in call recording feature, they will be allowed to stay.

This means that devices made by Google Pixel and Xiaomi can continue to deliver it.

If you’re wondering why Google bans it while allowing the feature on its own smartphones, there’s a reason.

Participants are notified that the call will be recorded before it starts on Pixel, making it more legally sound.

“If the app is the default caller on the phone and also preloaded, availability is not required to access the incoming audio stream and therefore will not be in conflict,” Google announced.

New policy comes on 11 May


New policy comes on 11 MayCredit: Getty

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