Google Docs makes it easier to find key features

The company rearranges some menus, shortens others, and uses large icons

Productivity tools can have so many features packed in that attempts to track down the particular one you need can sometimes put Hercules’ ordeals to shame. And with updates constantly adding even more functionality, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That is why it is always so refreshing to see developers make an effort to streamline their interfaces to make it as easy as possible to navigate to the features we need. Google Docs is working on something along those lines right now, updating its menus to improve the searchability of key tools.

Google is improving the desktop menus in Docs to make it easier for users to find commonly used features. The change will shorten menus, rearrange their content, and introduce more prominent icons (where appropriate) for better navigation, intuitive feature placement, and faster recognition.

For example, the Document Details option on the Files tab has been shortened to Details only. Google is also adding a new authentication option and shuffling some options around – Version History and Make Available Offline are now closer to the bottom, while Share has been moved to the same section as Email and Download. Meanwhile, the possibility of web publishing has been completely removed. Finally, Google has added a new extension menu to the toolbar that brings together add-ons that integrate with Docs.

Look for the new Docs menu to start appearing to all users before the end of May.


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