Google employees get private Lizzo concert when they return to the office

Google hires Lizzo to “celebrate” returning to office among thousands of employees

Emma Wong @_emwong_

For years, Google lured people to its sprawling Silicon Valley campus with the promise of amazing benefits, such as gourmet meals from top chefs and massages.

Now there’s Lizzo.

Earlier this month, when Google officially began bringing employees back to the office after more than two years of pandemic-induced telecommuting, the company used the large Shoreline Amphitheater near its headquarters in Mountain View, California, to host a Grammy Award-winning show. -winning artist.

“We’ve had two and a half years protecting others and ourselves, but also been very interrupted,” Lizzo told the audience at the beginning of the show. “And now, it’s so incredible to see how connected we are right now!”

Thousands of employees attended the show. CNBC saw pictures and footage of the event.

Google implemented a return-to-office policy that started in early April and requires employees to go to physical facilities at least three days a week. Employees pushed back on the mandate and prospect of navigating traffic jams after working efficiently for so long at home, while the company enjoyed some of its fastest growth in revenue in the past 15 years.

Some of that frustration could be heard in the crowd at the Lizzo concert.

Google held a concert in Mountain View as part of its “return-to-office” celebration.

Emma Wong @_emwong_

“Oh, return to the office!” an employee from the audience shouted. “Propaganda! Propaganda!” another is heard screaming from the crowd.

Google had delayed its return plans on several occasions, mainly due to increases in Covid-19 case numbers. But this time, the company stuck to its reopening plan. In the early days back, employees were greeted with marching bands on campus, as well as speed cameras, party food and visits by prominent politicians.

“Thank you for being back!” said Lizzo. “Thank you for surviving! Google, we’ll be back, b —- !!”

She made other references to the search giant during the concert.

At one point, Lizzo noted her Grammy Awards and that she is mentioned in Guinness World Records. “Google it!” she said just before singing her huge hit “Truth Hurts”.

She inserted the company name in her popular song “Boys”, and changed the lyrics from “I heard you a freak, too” to “I heard you a freak, Google!”

Lizzo also referred to Google’s smartphone.

Google held a concert in Mountain View as part of its “return-to-office” celebration.

Emma Wong @_emwong_

“I know I’m not supposed to be a walking commercial, but Pixel!” she said, drawing cheers from the crowd.

This is not the first time this year that Lizzo has hooked up with the technology giant. During the Super Bowl in February, her song “If You Love Me” appeared in a Google commercial for Pixel 6.

“I wanted to do this concert because of the support you showed me for my new era of music,” she said at the show, thanking the company for the Super Bowl spot.

She continued to play the song, saying it was the first time she had performed it in front of a live audience.

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