Google is testing a combined Security & Privacy menu for Android 13

It will match the recently updated shortcut settings from DP2


With Android 13 DP2, we got our first glimpse of an updated Security and Privacy shortcut in Quick Settings that combines the camera, microphone and location into one common space. The ability to dive into the Android Security Menu was listed along with these settings. Today we get an insight into what may become of the most important hub with this year’s update.

These screenshots come with courtesy Mishaal Rahman from, who shared images of a redesign to Android’s security settings that are currently being tested. This new menu is now labeled Security & Privacy, matching the shortcut to DP2 Quick Settings, first seen last month. This would not be the first time Google has combined two similar submenus into a single list to save space, though this would be the first prominent change to the settings list in Android 13.

Based on this single screenshot of the menu, it primarily displays information from the current Security menu on Android 12. In addition to the security check at the top, options for app security, Find my device, and security updates are displayed here. There is no option to open directly in the Privacy dashboard, although it is probably listed further down the list. Rahman notes that this updated menu does not work fully, so further changes are possible that could place the privacy dashboard closer to the top of the page.

We’ll possibly get a new glimpse of this menu with Android 13’s first beta, which should be launched any day now based on Google’s public roadmap. In the meantime, Google I / O is less than a month away, where we’ll probably get a much more in – depth look at this year’s changes to Android.

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