Google launches Switch to Android app for chirping chickens | Digital trends

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Google has quietly launched the Switch to Android app in the App Store to the sound of chirping grasshoppers. As reported by TechCrunch, the technology giant rolled out the app on Monday to make it easier for users who want to switch to an Android device, whether they want to try Android for the first time or they just miss having one of the best Android phones in hand. It was a quiet launch, so no one has minded it – until now.

Switching to the Android site gives you steps on how to copy all the data on your iPhone – contacts, photos, videos, calendar events, etc. – and send it to the new Android device of your choice. It also instructs you to turn off iMessage so you’ll be able to see important text messages when you open your new device, and ask Apple to upload a copy of your data from iCloud. The app works in the same way as Move to iOS, which Apple launched in 2015 to facilitate users’ transition from Android to iPhone.

Unfortunately, the website does not mention the availability of the Switch of Android app, nor has Google officially announced the launch. The app also does not appear in the App Store, so the only way to access it now is by clicking the direct link when reading this story on your mobile device – especially the iPhone if you plan to switch to any Android device. run device.

The current method of transferring your data from iOS to Android is to back up everything on Google Drive and then download it again when activating your new Android device. Once the Switch to Android app is launched to a wider audience, whenever it may be, it will take Google Drive out of the equation, thus saving you the time you need to get everything in order.

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