Google makes Android more accessible than ever with sound amplifier and Lookout upgrades

Today’s updates include improved noise reduction and an offline mode

We’re only a few days into June, but Google found it appropriate to roll out a brand new Android Feature Drop to users everywhere. In addition to improvements to Gboard, Emoji Kitchen and Play Points, the company also brings improvements to some much-loved accessibility apps. Audio Amplifier and Lookout are both included in this month’s Feature Drop, complete with new features and a design overhaul.

Sound Amplifier gets a Material You-like redesign, and even though it may be months late for the party, it looks pretty good. While the new coat of paint may look awfully shiny, some changes under the hood make it worthy of being included in this month’s Feature drop. Google suggests enhanced background noise reduction, which should make it easier for the app to actually pick up the noise you’re trying to boost. Today’s announcement also boasts “faster and more accurate sound”, and however vague it may sound, it should make a big difference in daily use.


Lookout is not quite as well known as the Sound Amplifier – and it does not get a redesign today – but that does not mean that Google completely ignores it. A new image mode uses machine learning models to understand images on your device, and reads a description of what Lookout automatically detects. Google says it works in any app on your phone, perfect for helping when a Twitter user forgets to add alt text to their tweet.

This is not the only change to the service. In addition to improvements to text, document, food tag, and Explore modes – all of which, Google says, are more accurate – Lookout now works without an Internet connection.

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