Google Pixel Watch Bluetooth certification suggests three possible models

However, these could simply be regional cellular band variations

The last few days have been filled with leaks showing Google’s upcoming Pixel Watch. We know exactly what the watch looks like thanks to a Redditor who shares photos of the device in all its glory. We have not yet seen any official news or teasing – including an actual launch date – although a Google I / O announcement seems likely. But as we know, devices have to go through different certifications before they are released. The Pixel Watch appears to have the approval of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), pushing it closer to its all-too-inevitable release.

A new Bluetooth list called the BT Wearable Design-Controller Subsystem shows what is thought to be the Pixel Watch that gets approval to use Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, the list highlights three model numbers – GWT9R, GBZ4Sand GQF4C – instead of just one. Whether these labels represent multiple clock models (with slightly different functions) or regional variations (such as cellular bands) of the same clock is still unknown. But if the watch follows patterns set by Google’s Pixel phones, the latter is likely to work.

Interestingly, the supposed Pixel Watch software version number is RWD5.211104.001, which makes the gadget obsolete as the latest version is RWD7. However, this is probably for testing purposes only; the consumer ready device should start with the latest software.

As a start on the roller coaster of certification processes, Google applied for the trademark name “Pixel Watch” last week, and filed its application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. With Bluetooth authentication now out of the way, the next regulatory stop could be the FCC. Here, each watch model should have its own list that reveals what differences (in connection, size or other) are between them.


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