Google Pixel Watch leaks into real photos after being left in a restaurant [Gallery]

After the first almost final look earlier this week, real photos of the Google Pixel Watch have been leaked today.

These real photos – taken on top of a Galaxy Tab S7 or S8 – were sent to Android Central by someone who found what appears to be a Pixel Watch prototype after it was “apparently left and found on a restaurant in the USA “This is remarkably reminiscent of when an iPhone 4 prototype was dropped at a bar and shared by Gizmodo. It happened 12 years and 4 days ago (in a sign that time is a circle.) There was also a time when a Pixel 3 XL was left in the back of a car (Lift).

The photos show a very elegant Pixel Watch – when viewed frontally – that matches previous leaks. The display is curved all the way to the edge, although you can see the metal underside in one of the angled images. There is only a single image of the laptop on and it is only the home screen of a white ‘G’ against a black background. As such, we can not see the full extent of the screen and how thick the frame is.

New Pixel Watch, with a trademark yesterday confirming the name, details obtained from the leaked images include how there is a pill-shaped button over the crown. This configuration fits perfectly with UI models of Wear OS 3 from Google I / O 2021. You should be able to double-press the top button to quickly switch to your last used app.

It rests flush against the case and is otherwise barely visible when looking at the portable straight-on. Underneath the silver crown, which is actually bottom cap shaped, there is a hole for what could be the microphone or altimeter (for tracking stair counts).

The very bulbous back is defined by a pillar with four square cutouts lined horizontally. They are probably for the heart rate sensor and other health features. When zooming out, the two halves suggest an ECG (electrocardiogram) function.

We get a very good look at the strap mechanism, which appears to be proprietary by nature, probably geared for quick belt change. In Fitbit language, this is an “infinite band” with a loop (s) and a stick design.

At the top is what should be a diagnostic port similar to the Apple Watch. This could just be present on prototype hardware and would not be user-facing / accessible in any case.

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