Google Translate is finally getting Android 12 processing, and it’s actually useful now

With its arrival, Android 12 brought many changes to the operating system both visually and functionally. One of the more obvious improvements with widgets is that they blend seamlessly into the rest of the user interface thanks to Material You. What’s more, many of them now offer more utility.

The first to take advantage of Android 12’s new design was, of course, Google’s own applications, such as Google Drive, Gmail, Maps, and even YouTube. However, not all first-party apps got an update, so there is still more to look forward to.

Google Translate is the latest app to receive Android 12 processing from Google. Until now, users have only had a rather deficient 1×1 widget option to add to their home screen, which they could link as a shortcut to access the camera, conversation, text or writing mode.

In contrast, the new Google Translate widget not only looks much more appealing, but also offers much more opportunities for interaction. Depending on your size, you can now directly use conversation, transcription, voice translation, and camera modes.

At its maximum size, the widget can display up to four quick actions. The widget has a top row that shows your current language and clipboard shortcut, while the bottom one shows the available quick actions.

However, as you might expect, the widget only uses Material You’s Dynamic Color theme on devices with Android 12 and later, which takes the most prominent color from your current wallpaper.

Google’s tweet announcing the new Google Translate widget does not do much to specify how long it will take before everyone gets the update. That said, you should receive the new widget sooner or later and be able to enjoy its new functionality and improved design. We are excited to test it ourselves.