Google’s Nearby Share could finally become the AirDrop competitor it always was meant to be

Self-sharing has been found in the latest release of Google Play Services and does not require approval

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Despite being a useful feature, Nearby Share has not become the AirDrop competitor in the Android and Google ecosystem that many of us were hoping for. However, the big G has not given up the feature and updated it with group sharing support last year to further increase its usability. Now the company seems to be on the verge of rolling out another smart improvement to Nearby Share to make file sharing between your own devices easier. Dubbed Self Share, the option was first found by being tested in early January. Although not rolled out yet, the feature is present in the latest version of Google Play Services.

Spot by Espers Mishaal Rahman, the upcoming Nearby Share feature will allow you to transfer files between devices logged in to the same Google Account without first having to approve sharing. That Visibility of the device option in Nearby Share will get a new one Your devices section for this. This is exactly how AirDrop works in the Apple ecosystem when sharing files between devices that use the same Apple ID. No further confirmation is required to complete the transfer process.

Right now, even when sharing files between two of your devices signed in to the same Google Account, you must approve the sharing on the receiving device to start the file transfer process. This extra step prevents the entire file sharing process from being completely hassle-free. In addition to files and photos, you can also use Nearby Share to share apps installed on your handset with other Android devices.

Since the feature has already been found in the latest version of Google Play Services, Google may be on the verge of making an official announcement and rolling out Self Share sooner rather than later. It is possible that the company plans to unveil it officially under Google I / O 2022.

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